Gift deed cancellation

It's all about our family property. My great grand pa property after partition came to my grand pa, but my grand pa and Aunty(only daughter of grand pa) created a situation and cornered us to make partition of the property into 3 divisions and we settled through gifted document in the month of April 2010. In that deed all the rights given to my father and that deed itself my grand pa declared that he is not having the rights to sell, revoke that document. Based on that document we applies for "PATTA" we got the same by June 2010 in the name of my father. Till now we are paying the tax we built a house there paying tax, Paying EB bill etc. but now while going to apply a loan we came to know that the same deed was cancelled on September 2010. Is it possible ? How come he got that right to do? How the registrar can do this? What I have to do get our rights back? We are under tremendous psychological pressure, they have cheated us. Is there any way to put a criminal case on this regard? Because they are doing this kind work as daily business. Please Guide me.