Cheque clearnace stopped by Drawer

I am facing an big issue. I gave an amount of 450000 as advance for Home lease (100000 by cash & 350000 via online). The owner said us the home will be ready in 23-Jan-2015, Later he said it will be ready on 26-Jan-2015,Later he said he can give home on 9-Feb-2015. But again this he failed to stand on his commitment. So we requested him to give backus our money. He also agreed for that. Later we came to know that he also denying to give money to present tenant. But later he committed false statement today,tomorrow , today, tomorrow. Atlast on 2-Mar-2015 we went directly to his office and we requested to give money on that itself. He gave cheque of 450000 on 11-Mar-2015. I dropped on 11-Mar-2015,But it bounced stating "Stopped Payment by Drawer" on 12-Mar-2015. While surfing to take legal action on him, what is the procedure, During that i got shocked that i can't file a complaint against him for "Stopped Payment by Drawer". Again we went to his office to ask why it stopped by your end, He said the Bank stopped the cheque, Later he gave cheque for 200000 on 16-Mar-2015 & 250000 on 23-Mar-2015. If these cheques also stopped by him, means what i can do. As a proof i have only online statement for 350000,our conservation recorded on 2-Mar-2015 & 14-Mar-2015. How i can go legally to get my money back. Thanks in advance, for your help to this normal Indian citizen.