Time limit to file domestic violence case

Sir Because of my wife torture and black mailing of 498a I taken anticipatory bail and filed a divorce case in my place. She refused to take divorce notice in her native and came to my place made a 498a, harrasment and life threatening case and took the divorce notice in family court directly by hand. She told to family court that she is with husband only but he and his family members giving torture. The case was going on mean while she made allegation in family court she has life threatening etc After six months she given aplication that my Husband now thrown out now I need interim maintainance about 20000 but both we are doctors After one month she filed a transfer petetion in high court which remaining pending and high court called fr once again medeition But one month before she filed a DV case in her native on me my family members claiming compnsetion and maintainance. Now my question is after filing interim maintainance (6 months back) in family court and 498a (bef 14 months back) Can she file a DV case and she is seperated nearly 18 months back only