mental harassment

Sir, I am married since two years and have a 2 month kid. My mother lives with me. My wife is mentally harassing us on a continuous basis, she is not at all supportive and not a family woman, she creates mountain out of molehills and keeps on blaming me and my mother of not listening to her. We are a god fearing simple middle class family where all necessities of life are fulfilled. My wife argues a lot and if anything is said to her, she starts shouting and throwing things near to her or tries to find ways to hurt her. Her tone is so loud that even neighbours would be able to hear everything. If anything happens, I will be held responsible, whereas I do not encourage any such activity. She always tries to prove that we are harassing her, but that's not the truth. She has recently threatened to take legal action against us and even to not let us meet the kid. I am working in a private organisation a d such things are impacting my job. Please advise what should we do. Regards Rahul