Fraud case in govt scheme

Hello, We have land in Sangli (maharashtra) District and my parents looks after it. I am an engineer and works for MNC in Dubai. In 2012 one of my friend approached me for government scheme to develop the land and then with his link/reference in Panchayat he approved the scheme for us. The scheme was NARGA (gramin rojgar yojana). Under this scheme water ponds needs to build in line with their guidlines and the individual labour will be paid directly by government into their bank account. We built 50% of water pond in 2012 and claimed, officials visited the pond transferred money to labor accounts. Due to insufficient we couldn't managed to build rest 50%, just for curiosity I checked Narega website and found that full amount is claimed by someone and its transferred to labor accounts. we are sure that this is done by our friend, he paid some bribe to government officials and labors to convince. we haven't signed any Muster roll and still the money is taken out. The fraud is approximately 1.75 Lacs. I am an NRI and cant travel india so often and my parents are not in condition to visit the courts and also they are not aware of any court procedures. Now i am thinking to do some sting operation with labours who "worked" in our land, government officials who approved and my friend who have bribe to them. So far I am behaving like i dont know anything, with my friend and he thinks same as me. My plan is to do some kind of sting operation with My friend, labor and panchayat officials and ask questions and try to know how they did this scam. I will capture this in hidden camera (pen) and keep with me as a proof. Kindly advise if my plan is correct and what else can be done in this case. Thank you very much for your support. Sachin Jadhav