Severely Defaming us

There is a person in our area who is instigating our acquaintances here and spreading damaging rumours against me, behind our back .And as a result our relationships with our acquaintances are getting spoiled, and also some acquaintances quarrel with us. We tried to ask such acquaintances as to what exactly is being told to them against us,but nobody tells us the exact rumour which he is saying against us, because that person is an advocate himself (part time doing in retirement now) . and we have strong doubt on him only because he had a friction with us few months back and he had to ask an apology to us with folded hands. This instigating others behind our back may be his method of getting even with us. We have talked with him directly with folded hands that why he is doing so, but he does not tell us the true reason for it . But we are very sure that he is only doing it. We are in much tension and don't know what to do . The problem is we do not have any evidence or witness against him. Hence we cannot go to police also . And even if we go to police this advocate is influential and knows all the local corporators here. How to DETTER and STOP such a person from doing like this. We are not influential here. Please advise us what to do. We have got a young daughter to marry , lest he spoils our reputation here.