Revocation of gift property

Dear Sir, i am a widower with 2 children. girl is 19 and boy is 12. my wife got property from her father in the year 2001 on the basis of deed of gift and got registered. she expired in the year 2002 and still im living as a single parent with my children. unfortunately i havent applied for patta on my wife name. i have only registered deed of gift documents(original) . now i came to know that deed of gift document got cancelled and got registered in the name of my father in law in the year 2012. now my question is : 1) i came to know the deed of gift cant be cancelled without the permission from the donee. since my wife is no more. Is this possible to cancel the deed of gift without my consent as a husband. 2) since i have a daughter in the age of 19. is this possible to claim for that property. if so kindly advise the procedures. 3) since i am the husband , is this possible to claim that prorty. if so advise the procedure. Other than this, if you have any suggestions/adivise to get back that property, that will be great help for my children.