Wife and her parental family treating me and my family very badly

Dear Sir / Madam, we are married for 2 years now and staying in Mumbai where as my parents are in Odisha and her parents are in kolkata. My wife is from a nuclear family which dont have many relatives or have any relationship even with neighbors. Before marriage we didnt think on that seriously but after marriage they started separating themselves from our extended families e.g. my uncle's (father's younger brother) family by showing very silly mistakes which could be managed easily. Then slowly started extracting and showing negative aspects of my parents out of nothing. My parents may not be the best caring person in the world but they have never tried to hurt her or give any pressure or force her to follow something. If my father or mother shows any type of disagreement in very small daily activities and even shows in a casual way that any one shows to their child, on that also she would try to escalate the matter to her mother (their family is mainly controlled by her mother / dominated over her father) and tries to convince me "look! how bad is your parents". Even her mother immediately calls back to my parents and asks why you are doing this to my daughter? I have tried to explain her and to her mother also so many times that this is not the way of reacting in such intensity to such a silly matter. If you have any issues that can be resolved with a healthy discussion. They are never trying for any initiative to resolve or accepting any of our initiative to resolve. Now we have a new baby girl, and they are trying to emotionally blackmail me to separate from my parents otherwise she would separate from me with our daughter. I want to take legal help for a mediation who can resolve after discussing from both sides which would also help me to ensure that they will not make any false complaints against me or my parents if I try hard to pull her into track. Please suggest how to start. Regards Helpless husband/son