Credit Card Default in UAE with the Bank registered in UAE

I was working in UAE for 10 years and had credit cards from different banks. During recession in 2008 - i lost the job and also my savings to find alternative job for 02 years. finally i had to come back to my home country I had used the credit cards issued by the UAE Banks and was regular in payments till i stayed in UAE. After returning - i did not get any job due to long outstay from country and age factor and no local experience in the country for the 10 years of stay abroad. My relatives supported me for some time but today i do not get that help either. i am trying to meet my ends somehow. I am being tracked by the recovery agents for the default on credit cards. I need to know some help on following issues: Since i am not in a position to repay the credit cards which must have gone much higher today due to penal interest and charges. what is the remedy in my hands. I am not in a position to repay any amount even not sure if i can over a period of time as i barely manage to meet my and my family needs. How long can a bank keep chasing the defaulters in other countries. Do the overseas banks have any rights punish me/ harass me or make me comply with its demand to meed up the defaulted amount? What protection can my home country provide to me. How can i keep my family away from these issues. They are not the defaulters? I will be obliged for your helpful advice.