Sub Division of property-Delhi

Owned a property joint among three brothers.Jointly decided through builder go get independent flats buy giving one floor to the builder as cost of construction.Agreement was signed by the builders and each one of us on stamp paper spelling out which floor be given to whom.After completion of the construction builders gave the possession to each one and the parties are in possession of their respective shares. 2.Sale deed jointly executed by the parties jointly for builder share and he is in possession of his share.We three brothers were supposed to execute partition deed to have rightful ownership.One of the party moved to his share of flat,where other two want to rent it out.The party who is occupied the flat is not executing the participation deed.Where other two can not rent out,by registering the rent agreement. 3. In view of it (a)Legal remedy to get partition deed executing for own share(Paying stamp duty for own share when other party not supporting. What will be procedure and how long it take (b)To get permission to get rent deed registered,without going to court. Sir,I am a senior citizen of age 75 years and ex service man,your sincere advise will be great help please