Land Dispute.

I am NK Kishore Dass residing in the state of Madhya Pradesh, District: Guna. I am here seeking help regarding LAND issue. My problem is as under: My mother has four [04] sisters as under [Including my mother all together five (05) sisters]: A. The eldest sister B. The second sister C. The third sister D. My mother E. The youngest sister They have a joint property LAND of 5444.25 sq ft area in the state of Kerala, District: Trichur. Out of the joint property of 5444.25 sq ft area, each having a share of 1088.85 sq ft area. Land is in the shape of a rectangle. Has four sides say P [Breadth] , Q [Length] , R [Breadth] , S [Length]. P is parallel / facing the main high way. Q runs parallel to village road. R is the common boundary with other land / somebody else property. S is the common boundary with other land / somebody else property [my mother’s only brother] This joint property was obtained after the partition from the main property in the year 2010 [Main property was divided into two parties i.e. Party Number: 1 My mother’s only brother and Party Number: 2 My mother and her four sisters together / combined]. Since 2010 the joint property was laying idle. Now in the year 2015 my mother wants to sell her portion of share i.e. 1088.85 sq ft area from the joint property. She wants her share of 1088.85 sq ft area adjacent to the main high way / facing the main highway i.e. towards side P. Three of my mother’s sisters [Party A, C and E] have given her a No Objection Certificate in having her share of 1088.85 sq ft area adjacent / facing the main high way i.e. towards side P. However, my mother’s sister - Party B is not ready to give my mother a No Objection Certificate as Party B would also like to have that portion of land facing / adjacent to high way i.e. towards side P. Further, party B is suggesting my mother to take her share of land towards side R for which party B is ready to provide a No Objection Certificate. In this situation it is not possible for demarcation and registration of land in individuals name out of joint property. What should my mother do?. Please help. My contact number is: 09406973691. Regards NKK Dass Guna, MP