Is US Divorce valid for Indian marriage?

This could be long. I'll try to keep it as short as possible. My daughter-in-law was arrested by police in US for felony as she physically assaulted my son. So a case of Felony was registered against her and the case was in trial stage. Meanwhile my son filed for divorce on grounds of cruelty. My daughter-in-law hired a lawyer for the divorce case who represented her for a few hearings. She then withdrew her lawyer and fled US as the felony case was not moving in direction favorable to her. The court then issued a Bench Warrant and declared her absconding. Soon after divorce was granted by the US family court in the absence of my daughter-in-law as she was absconding. 1) Will this US Divorce decree be valid in India? 2) What would now be the grounds of divorce? Will it be cruelty? (She was never convicted as she ran away fearing conviction) Or will it be ex-party? (She did represent herself by a lawyer and then withdrew him) 3) Will my son have to pay maintenance? (She recently filed a case in India for that) If yes, wouldn't the maintenance be less than usual or zero as she committed physical assault. PS: We have local police report which should be very much in favor of my son.