Harassment by Mother In Law and Husband

Hello Sir/Madam I am married since 2 years and my husband and me work in a reputed company and my mother in law is a house wife. Till 1 month of marriage everything was fine but then later on fights between my husband and me started because of my mother in law.My MIL is very dominating and always lie to my husband about me when I am in office and make issue on small things because of which my husband slapped and beat me thrice. Everyday they used to torture me with the same stupid reasons and always make me feel that am incapable of doing anything.They tortured me mentally so much so that I I unwillingly Ieft that house and now stay at my parent's house. I could stay with my husband only for 6 months and now they are asking for divorce under mutual understanding but I don't want divorce I want to stay with him seperately because I believe the reason behind our seperation is my MIL.My husband is very stubborn in his decision and me on my decision. Kindly help me with a solution to get in my husband's life again . How can I approach them legally and safely so that they are forced to accept me ?