Section 420

Case – ms. niloufer kadri under ipc section 420 , 342 & 34 interview by wipro on 19th oct 2006 at wipro bpo belapur office located on 3rd floor , cbd belapur railway station complex. by 1) preliminary shortlisting round done by ms.krishna haridas 2) final personal interview fone by mr.vinod srinivasan. the results were declared on the spot. the selected candidates were informed by what methods? – on the spot on 19th oct 2006 person named mr shankar vinayak desai was selected and called for, to wipro bpo for induction process on 23/10/2006. induction process / joining date by mr shankar vinayak desai on 23/10/2006 morning police complaint by wipro to cbd police station on 23/10/2006 night & was charged under ipc sec 419. & was detained. ( statement by mr shankar vinayak desai to police / wipro not available for scrutiny ) when mr desai was reelased under what conditions? - not aware complaint lodged by mr shankar vinayak desai against ms. niloufer kadri under ipc section 420 342 ,& 34) on 31/10/2006 ms. niloufer kadri was picked up on suspicion, on 5/11/2006 from her residence by police & detained in police station that night . at 7.00pm andcwas escorted by lady constable from residence to chd belapur police station.later from therr she was taken in a police van around 8.00pm in a police van where there was no lady police constable along. ms. niloufer kadri was released on bail on 6/11/2006, on surety of rs.15,000/ wipro letter addressed to commissioner of police, thane on 17/11/2006., for proper scrutiny of case by the dept. and avoid harassment to wipro employees. ============== other pertinent facts to be considered mr shankar vinayak desai claim to have met one lady ms. niloufer and given rs. 10,000/- on 16/10/2006 to one mr. arvind gorphade, for giving to ms. niloufer (*shankar desai does not know full name) who is mr arvind gorphade & how is he connected with ms. niloufer - not known - ms. niloufer has not known this person nor seen him anywhere even now; ( he was not called as witness?? in this case. pl confirm this point . ) where ms. niloufer kadri was at that time of interview?? - collecting documentss ( if she was not in interviewing place, then the argument shall be different, as mr shankar vinayak desai would have known by her face; it is possible that he would not known, as he did not attend the interview personally & out siders are not permitted inside. she was not be the person in the interview panel nor in the recommending authorities. she is a junior person only to assist in collection & presenting the documents from aspiring candidates. hence nobody would believe that she can get him a job and very unlikely he would pay money to some one, whose capabilities are not known . person named mr vinod shankar desai was selected and called for induction process at wipro on 23/10/2006. during the induction process time, mr. vinod srinivas noticed that the person who he interviewed claim to be mr shankar vinayak desai was not the same person who attended the interview and got selected.; due to this reason of doubt, he was not asked to join but asked to wait at the conference room. this was further corroborated by mr vinod srinivasan that actually mr desai who gave the interview had a good command over english language, which is a pre requisite this was one of the reasons for his selection. the person who came to join was not having the same skills in english language. when mr. vinod srinivasan asked mr desai how & why this had happened and after lot of questioning by him & his team ?? , he confessed that actually some one else ( in the name of mr shankar vinayak desai – actual name not known ) attended the interview , got selected and in his place mr shankar vinayak desai in turn, came to wipro to join duties. as per company’s regulations, this impersenation was reported to higher ups ?? ( hr chief?? / security chief ?? ) and they have reported to cbd police station and handed over to them. it looks no confession statement in writing was obtained from mr desai duly signed by him either at wipro or at cbd police station pl confirm this point ?? during confession also, mr desai had not mentioned about giving money to any one including ms. niloufer kadri it looks to be an after thought for taking revenge against wipro & their staff. he had also not given the name of person, who actually attended the interview, mr vinod srinivasan had left wipro services, after taking an anticipatory bail in few months, after this incidence. the case was being handled by wipro’s lawyer , 1.) mr.anant patki till jan 20010 n thn later by wipro lawyer mr. ram parashar till 14th june 2010. all summons were given / informed to ms. niloufer kadri through this advocate and she attended all hearings, whenever called for. in the meanwhile, she had got married and she stayed in a different address , which was informed to the employer wipro. she did not get any intimations to her new address, subsequent to mr anant patki who had stopped attending the case, after wipro had appointed by their own legal wing to represent the case. she also did not get any summons even through wipro legal dept. hence as per her knowledge, the case was not disposed / pending. suddenly, she had a call on 9th oct 2014 by police inspector mr. g.kamble asking her to come to cbd police station, and as she is alone with her children ( 5 months old baby & 18months old children , she was feared , consulted her friends & lawyer to check the status of her case. her earlier lawyer xxx was unable to help in any updates, as he no more handled this case. hence she felt that she should take an anticipatory bail, to avoid any problems for her. there are few points which have to be discussed in person by ms. niloufer kadri , with the lawyer for preparing a good brief for the counsel to put forth his arguments. all correspondence by copies / email shall be compiled for full understanding of the case . english version of fir shall be made for better understanding by the legal counsel. wipro was fully aware that ms. niloufer kadri was not at fault; it is proved that she was good at her works - she was given two increments in few years – 2006 to 2010 and also was promoted to senior posts, she resigned her post on 11thmarch 2011 and was relieved of her duties with all dues settled. 1. who impersonated mr shankar vinayak desai in interview? what has the action taken by police or wipro?; in fact this aspect was never brought in while hearing the case. 2. copy of confession statement by mr shankar vinayak desai at wipro not available 3. copy of confession statement by mr shankar vinayak desai at police station not available. 4. mr shankar vinayak desai was asked to sit at the conference room for further enquiry after the induction proceedings ; he was not wrongfully confined in wipro’s office conference room, as complained by him to the police . he was treated in normal fashion meted to any person; in fact he was offered to have lunch , snacks etc in their canteen, he was asked to call his friends , who helped him to do the interview and as the original person, who actually attended the interview did not turn up in their office till late evening, wipro had no option but to give the case to police, as per company’s rules. they have performed their duties without any personal animosity. that way wipro recruits many candidates and on routine basis and they are recruited for induction, no such incidences have taken place to the knowledge of the concerned recruiting officer mr. vinod srinivasan. 5. during confession statement at police station, mr desai had not mentioned that any money was given to any one to get the job; on the contrary, he might have paid to some to attend an interview. ( we are not having copy of his statement ) 6. all along wipro only engaged the lawyer, from day 1 , paid the fees, which proves that wipro was supporting the claims of their employees by doing their duties diligently, and fighting the case on their behalf. in fact they had written a letter to the commissioner of police , thane, to advise the concerned department to have proper enquiry and avoid undue harassment to the employees of wipro. 7. subsequent to this, in few months. mr. vinod srinivasan took an anticipatory bail and left the services. 8. regular case hearing was going on this matter from 2006 end onwards till june 2010. 9. all summons issued by the court was conveyed through wipro lawyer and attended by her in most of the times, except in certain stray occasions. 10. wipro had used their own legal wing and the first lawyer ram parashar, had stopped his services. by then she had left the job from wipro and she was no more employee of wipro. she did not get any intimation from anyone and hence she was unaware of any developments . ms. niloufer kadri , who is involved in this case, for no fault of her but due to falsified complaint on mr shankar vinayak desai vengeance against wipro. she is mentally affected seriously and had got health problems due to this case and unable to take care of the young children and she prays for justice to declare her innocence and quash the case against her.