Society Maintenance dues of 12 years

Hi, I am a resident of a society in maharashtra. My husband had deserted me in 2009. The court protected my right to say in the flat where we had cohabitied. However my husband stopped paying maintenance of the society. When i recieved the society's advocate's notice, I applied it in the court for directing husband to clear society dues. In 2019 my husband expired. I informed society about his demise. Since then society has been claiming dues from me and my mother in law , we being the legal heirs. However on asking it to share the details about the flat, they have not co-operated with me at all. Now they have filed case with deputy registrar to recover dues. Despite requesting for meeting with society multiple times, and offering the principal amount, and requesting waiver on the interest, society has not responded. I am not the original defaulter, yet I am being harassed by the society. What can I do? Please guide. Also what is law of limitation in this case? Does the law of limitation cover the society dues in this case? Or will my dues be exempted? Can i ask for waiver of interest, given my fianancially difficult status. Thanx in advance.