Husband abandons wife and denies any maintence

I am writing for my sister who got married through arranged marriage to a guy from karnataka who was basically from our native in kerala. From the time of marraige, they showed dissatisfaction on each and every things including rituals but as per our knowledge and custom, we did follow all customs and traditions to be followed in our region and married her off. They have problem with the gifts given to him on marraige and suspected the quality of products including gold which was given as gift and started mentally torturing her. First thing he did was he stopped her usage of mobile but not charging it and giving or allowing to recieve calls and if at all she has to call she should call from landline or his mobile in front of the whole family. she lost around 20 kilos i around 3 to 4 months of marraige, but when asked either she nor the family has any proper answer and they took it as an alligation towards their family. In these 2 years she was never allowed to go out or neither was she taken out by her husband. She was never allowed to enter kitchen to cook but made her clean the house, wash clothes, or given a food of her choice. She is a postgraduate but never allowed to go for job. Her first pregnancy was aborted under medical grounds and that blame also was put on her. When her pregancy was detected for the second time, she was at native came to attend a function and he is now asking for the authenticity of it and never turned to her or cared her and always mentally tortured her over phone and that pregnancy got aborted in 2 weeks. when she came to her house to attend brother's marriage, they created such scenes in the marraige hall that all were ashamed and whole society came to know of their differences and the next day he left her in house and walked off. This all happend last August 2014 and till date he never ready to take her or give any maintence. what can be done in this circumstance?