father in law is seeking money from me

Hello sir , my self is raman Singh and I am IIT graduate working in the MNC with decent pacakege.I got married in punjab 2 years ago and got a daughter after 1 year of the marriage. My father in law is money minded person and always try to get the money from me by any means. we have not demanded any dowry from him and he has also not given anything. But now he always forcing me thru his daughter that I should not help my parents financially.rather than give the money to my daughter and through her daughter he is getting the money.many times whenever I am giving money to my wife then he used to visit my home and take my wife along with him and when he used all the money and then send her back to my house. This has created the differences in our relationship as my mother in law is also behaving in same way and my wife too arguing that they are also parents and we should look after those also. when I try to solve this issue my father in law had threatened me for life of me and my family as he is a ex policeman .he is also aceppting the same in front of everyone. Now situation becomes worse when our close relatives try to sort out the issue and he attacked on me and in a counter attack he also got slapped by relatives. Now he wants revenge from me and theating us for the dowry case and put me and my family in the jail as he is ex policeman.now all this shit is spoiling our relationship and my wife is also supports her father as he got slapped in front of everyone. He is claiming that I am not giving any expenditure money to my wife and keeping her in very worse situation. I am having all the bank record in which I am regularly transferring the money to my wife account .but now what they want just give more money or otherwise they will put some dowry case and take my half of the property also.my wife also completely supporting him although she is staying with me but whenever I am giving the money to her he take her to his place and spend all the money and again again ttreating me and my family . We as the normal family never face all these police and court cases ....and he is taking the advantage of that .I don't understand as I am having all the records in which money is given to wife even her mother also ...bit all they want is more money from me .even I am having the sms proofs also in which my father in law is asking my wife to do the job in his place so that he will also get the money from her also .even they have son also but he is not giving any thing to his parents .he is continously giving threats to me and my family and because of that we are in deep depression and If I go to jail I will lost my job and my dignity also.plz help me as all I want is to get rid oof this marriage