trapped by a girl

I am a married man of age 36 years and have a child of 8 yrs age. three years before in 2011 i had appointed one lady staff of age 25 yrs in my office. she was unmarried at that time and within six months i was trapped by her for a forced sexual relationship under the treat. i got into relationship with her. our relationship continued for 1 and half year when she got married. just within two months of marriage she got divorced from that man and again joined my office. Now after divorce i was not interested in any kind of relation with her but she forced me for the relationship with the threat that she would expose me in front of my family and all and even threatened to commit a suicide on my name. so with that fear i had to fulfill her desires of taking her for an outing, movies and restaurants. now taking some courage i have already admitted my relationship with her to my wife. my wife has supported me after listening my story and she is with me inspite of my great mistake. but problem is that now i have removed the girl from my office. she is treathening to go to media and to commit a suicide. so what can happen in this case if she does so... in through out the episode she was in fair relationship with her consent.