I an ex employee of a nationalised bank with 31 years of meritorious service record.In 2007 .I was working in Belgaum Region in karnataka from 14.05.2004 to 26.05.2007 and thereafter transferred to Baroda city on promotion.when I was working in Baroda city,In October 2007,the branch where I was working from 14.05.2004 to 26.05.2007 was under special audit.Auditors have detected hundreds of suspected entries aggregating Rs.15.42 lakhs.As my ID and password appear for more than 90% of these entries I was placed under suspension.A police complaint against me was lodged on 10.06.2008 for which I have got anticipatory bail.After 3 yuears,police have filed charge sheet against me in July 2011 .At the same time I was dismissed from the services of the bank in May 2009 after a name sake inquiry proceedings..Since July 2011,I am attending to the court and every time a new date is given.With the help of RTI Act 2005,I have obtained some information from the bank which are as under 1. Some names of powerful and influential Branch Managers involved in this case are not named in the audit report 2. There are 12 employees involved,but,complaint is made only against me 3.My written statement to police on illegal and corruptive and unethical business practices of the bank is not produced to the court along with charge sheet but appears to be destroyed 4.Manual vouchers used for suspected transactions which are signed by others is not siezed by the police 5. This is case pertaining to CYBER crime.But,police have not investigated the IP addresses of computer systems used for fraudulent transactions 6.Two persons required to make a transaction complete under maker and checker concept which is totally ignored by the complainant and police 7.After 6 years,bank says that out of Rs.15.42 lakhs,some entries aggregating Rs.6.00 lakhs is not fraudulent but carried out in wrong way.These entries were carried out by the branch managers who are not named in the audit report 8.Bank had issued show cause notice to 12 employees including me.11 employees have given replies which is totally different from thier statement given to the police.For example,in reply to the bank,he says he had carried out fraudulent transactions at the instructions of his superiors.But in his written dstatement to the police,he states that fraud is done by me.Both statements are contradictory. 9. My password was bieng misused when I was on 3 months sick leave for my Bypass surgery,whenever I was deputed for training and even after my transfer to Baroda.My complaint against the bank towards the misuse of my password in my absense was not accepted by the police.Hence,I had handed over the complaint to my lawyer IN jANUARY 2014 to file a private complaint to whom separate fee was paid.Advocate now says that my PC is pending with Magistrate.I suspect that PC is not yet filed. Please guide me considering all the above points I hav