Repurchased our own land from goons

My mother Mrs. Laxmi W/O Mr. Vishnu (not the actual names) purchased 3-acres of agricultural land in a village near to our native village in 1988. Then in 1995 an old lady impersonating as Mrs. Laxmi wrote a will in favor of her son (Jeevan) and few months later Mrs. Laxmi was declared dead (btw, with god's grace my mother is still in good health) and the land was transferred to Jeevan. My father came to know this in 1998 and a case was filled in court of Tehsildar. In 2002 Tehsildar found that the land was transferred to Jeevan by fraud and he ordered to transfer back the land to Mrs. Laxmi W/O Mr. Vishnu. However, the fraudsters were so strong that we could not get our land vacated and Jeevan's wife (Reena) claimed that her second name is Laxmi and Jeevan's second name is Vishnu, so they are the actual owner of the land (Obviously they do not have any documents to prove their claims). We knocked the every possible door of administration to help us but nothing happened. So to settle the matter, In 2005 my father (Mr. Vishnu) purchased back 1.5 acres of land from Reena (however in registry papers she declared herself as Laxmi). The problem is that now (Since Oct 2013) Jeevan is claiming that he is actual Mr. Vishnu and the land belongs to him. Since then we have written numerous letters to district magistrate and police department, however they have not done anything. Is there anything we can do through courts to claim our entire land of 3-acres?? Our biggest concern is that since my father purchased back 1.5 acres of land from Reena (thus accepting her as Mrs. Laxmi) we may not have a strong case in court to claim back other half part of the land! Kindly advice!! Regards, Neeraj