What is my legal right when my in laws has left me& my daughter

I got married on 26 may2014. after my marriage I never visited my parents place .I left for my husband's place in chennai.I got pregnant in september2014. My parents visited me in sept 2014.My husband nad his parents does want my parents to visit me. then in same month my in laws visted me.I was tootured mentally .He even told me for abortion .Then everything went right.In april my mother in law visited my place and stayed with me. that time I was very high dose of insuline and metformine as I was suffering from advance GDM.I was not given proper food.I lost weight in 9month of my pregnancy.After delivery my in laws left me alone with my 10 day old baby. Then I requested my parents to come and help in caring my baby as I had c section.Thn I came to my parents place.My inlaws have demnded for money for food.After that my husband has not cared for me neither for his daughter.I don't want separation but my in laws want me leave separate from my husband.Though I called with ,messaged him ,mailed him still no response... I want to know what legal action should I take in this circumstances.