Self protection from uncivilized youngesters through law

Dear Madam/Sir, I've a specific question- My father is a 55 yrs. innocent and kind man working as a machanical Fitter in a reputeded organisation which is run by a contractor. In that organisation there are few sub contractors which has taken repairment work of machine on which my father work. My father has already a lot of presure of work as regarding his age but the sub contractor for his vested interest want to impose work load on my father. He is trying to conceive him that he is unable to do that because of a lot of already pressur work and dusking health. But the sub contrator is lot ready to conceive and badly misbehaving with my father for assigning his project to him. He is saying that he has good nose with politicians and police department. I ve power to sack you from your post He is mentaly harassing my father. I want to know that in India if any one misbehaving with the elderly people and has good nose with police and politician which kind of rights have available to a person to protect his self with such types of Hooligans ?