I need advice that my Mother and Father is Staying with Joint Family and I Mukesh Agarwal S/o Bijay Agarwal working in Gurgaon and no one is with my Father and Mother. The joint family member on daily basis creating problem and its very difficult to stay, my mother is saying she only stay alone and father is working and he come back to house every after 11 p.m my uncle and his family drinking with other people in front of the main gate of my house and its difficult for my mom to go out and to call any friend to visit house and daily they are disturbing not in front of my mother but uncle sharing with other people in loud sound and mom getting disturb, Petition suit already done in Aurangabad Court but how to solve this issue please advice me as well as is there any rules after petition can any member in joint family can give house room in rent to other people because we dont want our house go for any rent because sometime its not good we dont know what kind of people they are and mom is staying alone and it might be happen anything at anytime. Please advice how to solve this problem. where we go and inform what is the process.