Maintenance amount by qualified woman & child custody.

My wife has filled false 498 & DV cases against me,my family along with my married sister in July, 2011. Since then we are attending court date to the city which is 100 km from my residence. In 498 case we have to take anticipatory bail to avoid arrest. Meanwhile, she has filed 125 case as well, despite of my representation that she is having post graduate degree and was working before marriage, court ordered me to pay Rs. 10000(Rs. 5000 for her + Rs. 5000 for my son) as monthly maintenance amount. Till date I am paying the same. Meanwhile, I had also filled divorce petition in my city, due to lenient attitude of courts towards ladies, she was successful in transferring my divorce petition twice, so now I am attending dates of the divorce petition as well at her city. My question is that she is not pursuing BEd degree and once that is been done, she will find a job of a teacher in some school, what options are there with me now? Also, on what ground I shall fill to take the custody of my son, who is reaching the age of 5 years in 3 months?