Adverse possession

I am a citizen of Chandannagore,District Hooghly, West Bengal. My family and I share the common address to here for since 80 to 90 years. The house we are living is coming from our ancestors. We also have some land with the house.We do not have the deed and other paper.we are the tax and other payer of the house.Now some neighbour is trying to establish an adverse possession of that land and trying to threat us that they will not only snatch our land but also the entire house, as a reason they are saying that we do not have the legal papers of the house and land respectively. They are loudly shouting that we are done with our adverse possession now they will take advantage of this. I need help regarding: 1) Did we implemente adverse possession? 2) Can those neighbours will easily achieve what they want? 3) Is there any proper and immediate quick legal steps we can take? 4) If we got the legal papers of the house then can we save out land and house? 5) if they start adverse possession in motion and after few times we will have our paper, can we do anything positive about it. PS: Presently I am living in Bangalore for my job and will go back and join my family on mid of this year.My mother and father both are old and staying alone.Those people are threatening them, Some advise for that please? Thanks in advance and I am really in need.please help me out.