To Apply for Divorce

I got married in 2013 and i am about to become a father in some time. My wife has one more sister she is also married now. She has issues with me and my family since 2-3 month of our marriage. She is blaming me for not taking proper care of her and not listening to her parents wishes and has threatened to leave me every time we get into an argument, she also blame me of having an affair before marriage which as per her i am still continuing. She in-between also tried to take all the jewellery (stree-dhan) to her parents house which i refused. When she conceive my in laws visited us and they try to humiliate me for various reasons (using my wife's debit card for financial support, not fulfilling all her wishes etc.), she also joined them. As i forget where i had placed her necklace her mother tried to take away all the jewellery blaming that i may have given that to my parents. She has gone to her Mama's house with her mother for her delivery (approx 60 days before delivery), i request her and my in laws not to do so as i want to be with by baby most of the time. The reason she gave is my parents is mentally harassing her which is not the actual case. Now she wants her parents to live with us immediately when she came back as she does not have any brother. My in-laws who are not financially well interfere too much in my life and wants to take control, which i cant allow. This is my case and I will split my question to have better understanding I am earning 50K and she is 20K, and as i am sure My in-laws would ask for a hefty some for mutual consent 1. Can i ask for divorce on these grounds. 2. What will be the total alimony considering i married her in nov'13. 3. Is she eligible for maintenance (she may sight that her parents are dependent on her for living) 4. As my baby is still to born, by when and how i can have her/his custody. As it is for baby (which was also unplanned) that i was keeping quite for this long. 5. How much approx. maintenance i have to give for my baby in case i will not get the custody. 6. Can she claim over my property purchased before marriage(one flat jointly hold by me and my brother) and we have EMI of about 25 lacs is still pending. 7. Can she claim on the flat in which we are residing (jointly hold by my brother and father) 8. Can she claim over my parents/inherited property. 9. Is their any grounds where they can falsely implicate my parents without proof (we have not asked for any dowry and no other demands as well). We have never even tried to harm her in any ways. Me and my praents are under tremendous stress due to this and hence i want to get out of this. But i want to have custody of my child (which i understand not possible immediately for obvious reasons) in some years from now.