Issue with a Telecom Company

I got this mail from a Telecom Company, I had stopped services and they sent this bill which I was not aware, it reads as follows: We state that we are Telecom Service provider in the city of Bangalore. We state that you had approached and requested us to provide you our cellular mobile phone facility. Relying upon your representation and assurance, we provided the said facility to you on [deleted], 5.54795.00.00.100372, we state that you have availed the facility and promised to pay the charges based on the terms of your subscription. But, in breach of the aforesaid representation and promises made by you, you have failed and neglected to pay the amount of Rs 1489.18, which is due and payable. We state that in spite of our repeated reminder and request to pay the aforesaid amount; you have failed and neglected to pay the said amount. In the aforesaid circumstances, we have initiated the legal proceedings against you Under order VII, Rule 1&2 of Civil Procedure Code at situated Lok-Adalat (Karnataka State Legal Aid) situated at City Civil Court; 1st floor; Conference Hall; Behind Kaveri Bhavan; Bangalore-560009 Under Section 22 C read with 22(A) (b) (ii) of The Legal Services Authorities Act-1987 for the recovery of the amount due and payable by you. The court has posted the case on 16th March '15, for your personal appearance and hearing. Court letter has been send to your above address. Your PLC no is 80892/2015 (as mentioned in the Court letter). This is to further inform, that as per section 22(E) (2) of the above Act every award shall be deemed a ‘decree’ of a civil court and the decree passed can be executed through the local civil court. We state that without prejudice to our rights, if you are willing to make the aforesaid payment, within the stipulated time, you are requested to contact Ms.keerthi on [deleted] and submit the proof of payment, we shall withdraw further proceedings. ----------------------------- What should be the next step by me? Thanks!