Hi,, My name is Anvesh and I am from Hyderabad. It's almost 5years that I got married and I have a wife and kid [4yrs old] from my first marriage. Meanwhile I developed relationship with another girl and started living with both by managing time and secrecy. I have never left or neglected the first one. The second one is aware of everything from the beginning that I am living with a wife and kid. In the course of time I had a kid with the second one too and she is 18m old. Recently the first wife caught us red-handed in the second home and filed 498A but, eventually got compromised in the police station itself and the case was not moved to the court. The proofs what he have are - the photographs, videos of the second wife and kid with me. A video showing the tying of mangalsutra to the second one [I have done this for the satisfaction of the second in a closed temple with no one around and recorded 2mins in my mobile phone]. The police has taken an affidavit from me stating that I will only live with the first one and leave the second one by my will. What should I have to do now? I can't live with the second. Please suggest.