Joint property

Sir, I and my brother are joint owners of a residential house which was earlier in name of my mother who expired in 2003.after her death my father gave a consent to transfer this property in me and my brother name. Soon after the registration in our name, my brother managed to get a loan of 35 lakhs by mortgaging the property in bank keeping me in dark that he is availing a loan of few lakhs. After 2 to 3 years of the 15 year loan term he became a defaulters by stopping the emi of 42000 INR . Since then till date i am paying the instalments. Also 5 years back he compromised that in lieu of I paying the loan my brother relinquished his share in my name in the form of agreement, power of attorney and relinquishment deed but only notarized on stamp paper. Now he has filed a suit against me that I have taken him out from the house which is under my possession and he is claiming for a partition. What should be my step to safeguard me from this civil suit and prevent him to enter the house for partition.