legal advice about family problem due to wife's parents

Dear Sir/Madam My name is Rahul. I got merried in feb 2013. I am belonging to a poor family. My family live on rented home. After getting merry my wife creating a lots of problem in just 3 month. After that i am in big probpem. Her sister make a complain in police station againts my family. They want to kill me. And giving me a pressur to me lunch a complaint againts my family.For dowry. My wife also with her. When i refuse to make a action my wife ask me to write a complain or ready to go jail in dowry case. After that all my father go jail. But after a day. I take my wife out to her parent home and try to understand what we do wrong due to your sister. And we go polise station and again write a aplication we are not what any action and the previous complain we write in pressour of a sister of my wife. She also sing on it. After all that. I and my wife sapret from my parent legaly. We make a afadavite and i take my bed and almira from parent house. And live another rented home. After all that we again start a new life. We both are living happly. But right after a one year. Ahe meet is sister and mom. My problem is started again. that time she is pregnent of 6 month. I am look care all thing with my full ability. Twins baby is coming. But one day she run from my house without any problem to her parent. i am inform police station about this problem. And also give a aplication in writing. After that baby come 2 month of all this i am standing all time with her. But after hospital she not come home ahe gone parent house. Now she not come and not allow me to meet baby. Both baby are boys. now when i go she fight with me. And ask me to divorce. Her sister abusing me. She elder from my wife. Many time we both fight due to her sister. Her sister alway try to touch me. But i am simle boy earn livehood with. Doing a job of 15000 par month also pay a rent of 5000 but she is not want to come. Now 8 month go but i am going to meet my baby. But from last two month i am not going due to fight. Her mom say me to go and merry to another one. I am try many time to take home but she not ready. When i go there she is not home. one time she ready to come with me but her sister keep a demand. You deposite a 5 lack rs of each boy. And nominate wife to take that money. Then you take your baby. my wife also with her. I am a poor man and how i deposite an amount. 10 lack is very big amount for me. if i try to collect this amount my whole life is short for this. From last 8 month i life alone no food no happiness. I am also doing all houshold work. She is also a BA pass. She doing a job before leaving my home. Please suggest me what i do. Now u just want to meet my baby. I also lost My job in all this.