Alimony and divorce

I married in November 1985. Wife's stay with me was for 2 or 3 months only. A case for divorce was put up by me in district family court Pune in August 2010. I have 1 son who is now 17 years of age. Wife is working and I am working too. (I had been directed to give 6000/-(Rupees six thousand only) per month as alimony for son and she Rs.3000/- (Rupees three thousand only: total 9000/- for son) . Son staying with wife since birth. I have been giving the alimony till date. Case was won by me. Wife went to High Court, Mumbai in October 2012. Case was going on for a year or so. I had authorized my lawyer in place of me to fight this case as it is not possible for me to attend court due to unavailability of leave each time During this period of time, case was disposed once as wife and her lawyer did not attend the hearing once. (Shows on Mumbai High Court website) After that, she put up a case again this time asking for more alimony for son (Rs.10,000/- instead of Rs.6000/- which I have been giving as directed. Case was rejected in 7th October 2014. I was told that the case is now over by my lawyer in November and if she ever applies, she has to approach Supreme court, Delhi. Now, suddenly, after nearly 5 months, she has put up the case again in the High court for the same matter. I want to know can she do it so? or has my lawyer cheated me? How many times can she apply case in high court. I was told my lawyer that she can apply to the 2nd bench or 5th bench (what is this bench mean) Also can the case be reverted back to District court, Pune. If so on what grounds? Also my money is getting exhausted in all this court case. Request kindly advice. I have now 14 days period from 15.03.2014 to reply or else in my absence the case would be decided. I have authorized by lawyer again to fight this case and end it once for all as there is no time for me right now to search for a lawyer if this my present lawyer has cheated on me. When will this stop.? What / and are there any limits to this. Also if I say I have no more money to fight this case, and the wife keeps on this harassment to me, what is the remedy for this. As all cannot be written to narrate the matter, I request give a missed call to me on my mobile number [deleted]. I have no email. Also is this legal advise service free?