husband blackmailing with attempt of suicide

I have been married for 1 year 6 months and I am 7 months pregnant now. I am 25 years old. I am the only child to my parents. We are well educated and very well to do family. When I married my husband he told me that me was earning 80000/month along with extra income from his family business. Only after my marriage I found out that he was earning only 13000/month with no income from his family business. They also told that there are two 1800 sqft plots in my husband's name but even that was a lie. I also found out that he was not qualified as it was told to me by his family and added to that he was in an affair until my betrothal( I have proof for all these including printed copies of his chat messages with his ex). But even after knowing all this and confronting my husband with these matters I chose to forgive him and lead a normal life. But now he is wanting me to stop talking to my parents and my family completely. He and his family completely forbade me to go to my parents home when my health condition started getting worse in the 6 th month of my pregnancy. Luckily I was hospitalised and my parents were informed so I am now with my parents. Since then my husband and his family are torturing me with blackmail calls saying that my husband is attempting suicide and the reason is me. Right now my only concern is my baby. There has been no physical torture from my husband or his family but only mental torture. I even lost my first baby when I was 2 months pregnant by the amount of mental stress they gave me. I do not want the same to happen to the second baby too. I want to be on safer side. Lot of assets given by my dad are in my name so I am even more scared. I want to file a complaint about the blackmail but not to the police directly or at least not right now because I have not decided to divorce( at least not yet) him and if I took this matter to police it will be difficult to mend my marriage life. Is there any other way where I can write a complaint? Since I am the only child and my parents are also old, I am scared about the safety of my baby and me.