How secure is Settlement deed

Dear sir My dad bought a piece of land 15 years ago and built a house on it. Since we moved from that place to another city, we rented it for the last 8 years. My dad is worried about the possibility that some fraudster may illegally forge and create fake documents and sell our house, without our knowledge He is not paranoid; his cousin recently had a very unfortunate experience where his land was sold by a fraud who posed as his power of attorney, faked the documents and sold it to a third party and the court case is still going on for the last 4 years. My question is this: If my dad issues a settlement in my name or my mothers name, will that secure our property. Will that make it impossible for any fraudulent person to cheat? My dad is very worried about this whole thing and I really want to help him. I dont mind about whose name he writes ( my mom or mine); the issue is really what would be the best step to prevent any such fraudster from illegally grabbing our property and selling it. Thanks a lot for your help Srini