petty water connection issue now becomes a danger for my mum

My mother was harrased by my father . we filed a case against him in delhi police station. He was put in jail, then.bailed. now we live in his house but his sister lives in the same building upstairs, one floor the.problem is we have a single motor connection. They do not let us use the water connection properly. They stop it, sometimes.we.have to beg them. we have daily quarrels with them. Its.just me 18, my mum and ,14. Still we fought are daily battles. But now things are going out of hand. My bua hhas 3 sons all of them in their 30s and having.children. in one argument they harrased my mom , all 3 of.them.n my mum was alone defending herself. As i.was gone is too young for any help. My mother in anger called the police, went to.the.police station,.now my bua.also.called and mum abusing . my was already humiliated and.frustrated and then on top of that the police officer who handled our case didnt.bother to my mother. He even ill behaved with her. And my.bua being a.pretty women got all the brownie.points. so my.mum.lost her temper and hitted my bua with a paper in her hand in he was furious.and.agitated, i.understand she did wrong. this case is.going to.the court and that policeman will handle the case too, he dosent support us, it is.clear. And he will.try his best to get mum that is there by any chance that my mum could We dont have anyone.except.our.mum.. And please i want to.know.if there is anything that can imprisonment? Because this is what my bua.wants.. A revenge.and they wont.stop. plz guide me.