little typing mistake cost me a lot

After death of my father .....father left a will in favour of me which includes 3acres of land..... will was unregistered one ......when i approch revenue department to transfer that property in my only sister put a aplication that will is fabricated one she is married at time of death of our father.....the case went to s.d.m sub divisional magistratr.....who in its judgement said will to be a forged document after recording witness statement of will....i got shocked on this and in hurry i put appeal in d.c court against order of s.d.m and with this i also put a case regarding will in civil court ......from d.c. I won the appeal and when my sister appealed against d.c order to commisioner i also won from there to and will was proved a genuine document on other hand i won in civil case to and when my sister appealed in session court i also won from there to .......know only appeal against commisioner order is pending in finance commisioner court and no stay is given by F.C AND MY sister have not appealed in high court till two yeras have gone.....know problem is that when i put civil suit by mistake one number of piece of land which we called khasra khewat number was not typed on case file and till session court we had not noticed it but that number is in order of s.d.m. d.c and commisioner order know when i approched patwari to change that ownership from my father to my name he is saying that i will do transfer of only those land numbers which are mentioned in civil and session decree only and he will not change that remaing number on basisi of d.c and commisioner order sir can patwari reject order of d.c and commisioner of his department and if any suggestion plzzzz provide me i am in a big difficulty of life a shock ant in hurry i put appeal in