Mutual Divorce

I have got married in Feb'12... it started with the tremendous disputes with inlaws i came in may'12 again went back in june'12 & again with the same issues i returned back in july'12. Max to max 2 months i have stayed with my husband... he used to be very supportive during ds days... but my inlaws were so very difficult.. My husband & me were not staying with each each but we used to meet out & share everyhing with each other just like husband & wife... his parents then used to stop him for meeting me... but still we used to meet. but he used to not tell his parents about it... But, nothing was happening. we were not able to stay wid each other & neither could breakup. Just bcause he will take any action about us & will not take me as a granted i stopped talking to him.. so he even stopped... Now as we have crossed much time.... i finally sent him notice to him... & for that he also got agreed to take mutual divorce... but, i never wanted to take divorce with him... i wanted to take him some actions about us to stay together... my question is now we have filled a petition for mutual consent divorce.. Now in counselling can i try from my side for reconcilation because i feel that if he is unable to take decision atleast i should not backout.. i feel our relationship should get fair chance to rebuild.. can i do that?? is it possible?? or i will create any complications by doing this?? Expeting guidance from you.. Thanks & regards, Sukhada