Property share to the daughter

We are two children. Myself(Female) and my yelder brother. The father is the only child to my grandparents. My grandfather expired when the father's was age around 5. My grandmother self earned two open plots. One of which was sold and the amount was given to my brother for the purchase of a new house in Hyderabad in 2008.Apart from the sale amount, my father also sold another open plot which was under his name. My father and myself applied personal loans for the additional construction amount of the house. The house has been registered on my brothers name. The house construction was completed with the grandmother's plot amount, father's plot amount, father's personal loan and my personal loan. I got married on August 2013. Now our father expired on Dec 2013, and the brother and mother deny's to give the share and did not allow me to even enter into the house state that it is his property. At the time of the purchase of the house, my brother isn't working. Only me and father were working Apart from the above mentioned house my father also owned another open land. Will I get the legal share on both the house and open land or only the open land?