i hav been booked falsely under 325.

sir i m ruuning a paint shop in mohali .my neighbour at shop bought his frend some material from my shop worth rs 1040.for three months i kept on askin for money but he didn t pay .instead he den started provoking me so dat i get physical .i even asked my neighbour to pay me for dat material but dey had another plans .one day again he came to our market and as usual he sat inside his frends shop (my neighbour,he alwaz sit inside his shop n calls every1 dere whom he has to pay money)i again asked for money but den again he provoked me but i came out ....but dat day he pushed me outside neighbours shop n den got into scuffle ...he hit me on my forehead wid a punch n got his finger fractured. soon he n my neighbour rushed to d hospital got medical done.for a week dey kept on blackmaling me dat i hav fractured his finger ill b booked under 325 .he even demanded rs 50,000 from me .police also put pressure on me to pay him..but i didn t pay.i kept on teling police dat he hit me on my forehead where he got his finger fractured but in vain .after 11 days police registered case against me u/s 325 n 506 for his broken finger n charged me with twisting his finger resulting into fracture ....even i had my medical done but coz injuries being simple no action taken frm my side .sir kindly guide me how to pursue d case i m really disturbed.