Company not returning Passport

Hi Sir , I am in great distress since November 2014 . I have been interviewed by company Statlabs located in Bangalore and was confirmed joining date shall be 6th January 2015 but they didn't give me joining on the said date infact kept me jobless for 3 weeks. Sometimes they come up with to come to Bangalore for joining on the said confirmation I have fixed my flight tickets but before joining they asked me to cancellation incurring monetary loss. In all this due course they have asked me to send the passport in original for verification purpose. After continuous follow ups they neither gave me job on the said date and when I have joined the other company they r not returning my passport. It's been 3 months I have been following up with them . I have all the communication on mail and even receiving of my passport from their official email. I am in Mumbai these days for job but all these communication and courier of passport was done from Delhi. Please do advice. Regards Rajnissh Nangia