First delivery of wife according to Hindu Family Law

Hi Learned, My wife is now 8th month pregnant. She had been cruel, abusive and insulted me many times before my relatives. I have a recording that my wife is leaving home by herself and asked me not to contact her further and i should never go to see her, etc., This happened on 19th Jan 2015. In between she called me couple of times. Yesterday 3rd March 2015 she called me and said that she went to doctor and doctor advised her bed rest and advised Cesarian to be done during 8th month only as my wife's BP is going high everyday. Also, the born baby needs to be in incubator for couple of weeks or more. My wife asked me to pay for all expenses of delivery. Initially her sister told me that they can bear the costs but can do it with their known doctor in a middle cost hospital and they cannot afford to pay for the treatment in high class hospital which i had done earlier for my wife in the past many times. What should be my stand now? Can i reject my wife's request? As per Hindu custom, is 1st delivery to be taken care by Wife's mother and family only?