Withholding of my Post graduation result intentionally

Dear all, I had joined JSS-Centre for Management Studies(autonomous) part of Jss mahavidyapethcollege to pursue my MBA in the academic year 2011-2013 after attaining a very good score in the PGCET(Karnataka) of 356. During the end of the first year we had to work on our project as I was unwell i was not able to complete my project on time( which is an important part of the curriculum) having passed in all the subjects in all the 4 semesters only my project work was pending, i was allowed to take up the project work along with my succeeding batch i,e yr 2012-2014 after paying separate examination fee. even though i have attended the external viva and having successfully completed my project work i'm still yet to get my result( after a year!) from very reliable sources within the college i have learnt the HOD has purposefully misplaced my records and marks of the project work as he is holding a grudge on me. this particular HOD is know for spoiling students life. even though i have completed the course i'm yet to get a job based on my qualification as an MBA . i have even taken an education loan to fund my studies and the interest is piling up, my salary based on my graduation is not sufficient to cover my expenses and re-pay my loan. this harassment is being meted out to me kindly suggest what i can do ???