Help required in a unsoluble situation of a friend

Dear Sir/Madam, My friend is from Agra, India and his wife is from Philipinnes. They both got married in the year 2008 in Dubai and got the marriage registered in India as well and thereafter his wife started living with his family in India and the Friend continued working in Dubai, out of the wedlock they have a baby. On his wife's request he left his job in Dubai and came down to India to be with her After 8 months of the baby's birth, my friend's wife insisted on going to Philippines, and my friend went alongwith her as he wanted to be with his wife and baby. But situation did not change there, he worked in his wife's father's factory, which was very far from their place of residence, due to which he could see his family only once a week and the working conditions were also not that good. therefore he requested his wife to come back to India with him, so that they could live together, to which his wife denied to come back to India with him and also while being there got their baby Philipinnes citizenship. My friend not able to live there and with no support from his wife and her family, left the job and came back to India alone in the year 2011. He tried many a times to convince his wife to come and stay with him here, but the wife is not intending to come back to India. After few months of staying alone in India, he tried for divorce from his wife, but his wife is not ready to divorce him either. its been more than 3 years that they are living separate and there is no good happening being in this marriage. My friend wants divorce, but he is not getting the same as his wife is not letting him free. can there be any way to settle this matter so that my friend is freed from the clutches of this failed marriage?. Request your kind answer.