Sec -9 case filed by wife

Sir / madam, I have file case for sec 9 . Now my case at stage of argument . as explain by judge there is only 2 way one submit written argument second argue for 1 hour only in front of her . I want to ask is is this is true , second which way is better ???? My husband has filed sec 13 ( 1a) in his WS statement , in whole statement there is 3 main point like 1. Late night not allowing to sleep by wife and asking question. 2. As they using on rent shop of wife's father and as due to some problem father demanded back shop before geting over term of lease and at time of return shop they taken one writting by sign that after return shop they allow if any one of them ( Wife & husband ) do not want to leave there life together ahead then with out filling case take mutual divorce ( Main point is that wife father gone opp of their word and wife not allowed to take divorce ) even after giving in wirrting . That letter they submmited in court as proof . one main point in this that there is no sign by wife but father of wife sign on that document . 3. wife not respecting his family member . I want to know that is it this above point consider as crutaly for sec 13 and insted of allwing wife sec 9 can court allowed sec13(1a) and give divorce order ???? also i want some best case law to put in argument . Pls help me out in above point .. Thanks