Promotion of a sc community engineer

I am a railway employee. my designation is junior engineer. i am belongs to sc community. now for my cadre engineers promotions are giving for junior engineers to senior section engineers in restructuring basis. total my cadre strength is 29. on restructuring the ratio should be senior section engineers to junior engineers is 60% : 40%. according to this ratio senior section engineers should be 17.4 ~ 17 & junior engineers should be 11.6 ~ 12. for 17 senior section engineers already 13 members are existed. hence 4 more junior engineers should be promoted as senior section engineers. for 17 senior section engineers 15% ~ 2.55 ~ 3, there should be 3 section engineers from sc community & already 2 section engineers from sc community are existed. hence one more junior engineer from sc community should get promotion of senior section engineer. that person myself only. now the administration is showing reduced numbering from first to last & telling i will not get the promotion. i have collected all the proofs about whole my cadre employees joinings, promotions and retirments till date. i have shown them to the administration also. but they did not even here me & saw my collections. now i am loosing my promotion since the administration behaviour. my question is where can i get justice in railway tribunal court or civil court. why i am asking means, if i choose justice in railway tribunal, my application again has to go through the administration only. definitely they will throw my application in a dustbin. that is why i am asking how can i get my right. besides to this i want to include in my application as the administration is showing atrocity against me & my community. please tell me your suggestion.