How to get divorce n custody of my child?

I got married on 30 Nov 2012. From that onwards everything is going fine but suddenly I started feeling not well at my in laws house.all the time I kept on sleeping n suffered from back pain then we came to know that I was pregnant but in their house I always has the feeling of getting away from there or kill myself. My husbahusband also suffered from a disease which happen to one people in a lakh.he said that he got ill bcoz of me. my mother in law n my husband took me to a lady who conducts mara ki choki there she told that someone has done at their house that's why everything was going wrong but they didn't take any step .instead of that they kept taunting like isko akal nhi h kuch nhi aata my 2 unmarried sister in laws also taunted me a lot.then after attempting a suicide by trying to cut the nerve but fortunately nothing went wrong then my mother took me back from that person continuously I came to my parents house n went back when my husband took me back.sometimes for 10 days ,15 days I came to my house then I came for my parents house for 2 months during that period neither my mother in law nor my sisters in laws (6) called me .But my husband kept calling but I denied I didn't want to come then after consulting here we come to know that they were giving me some praised to get me in their control but that wouldn't happen then during last week of 7 month of pregnancy they took me back n took grt care of me but when my baby got born in a hospital I was in ice for 17 days there my in laws start ed taunting me like before ki is si ki watch se sab ho raha h! Then after getting discharge at home also they kept on doing taunting that's why I didn't give my baby to them.then after a fight I came back to my mothers house for 2 months after that my husband took me from there n said it will not happen again . But again they continued all that n very time again I used to sleep n didn't eat anything for 4 days regularly like during pregnancy period. Then my sister in law told me that ye to chorus h kahi ha mara kuch na chur a le dhyaan rakha karo N Ki hum to kisi ko b but ha (hungry) nhi Dekh sake tabhi to khana khilla dete h N all that but I didn't give them any answer back they had taunted me many things like ki isse brain ke Dr dikhane ki need h pagal h ya to N all that If I told all this to my husband he said ye to choti si baat h hot rehti h N then after 3 month's I came back to my parents hoy n doing job from the last 11 months during that period my husband nvr gave me even a single rupee for expenditure at my in laws house my parents gave me the expenditure Now tell me what I have to do Bcoz during that period my in laws have nvr call me to know about me n my daughter only my husband came in a month or two to meet N said to live there but I can't live there with them n he is not ready to live separate if he gets ready then he said my daughter will go there if she comes at my mother's house . I don't want any relation now . Help me how can I will get divorce n legal custody of my baby?