Will my fir get quashed?

Food safety team has collected four food samples from the FBO on 18.11.2014. Out of these four samples,Two were from the market milk and remaining two were from the storage tanks.The food safety officer sent these samples to public analyst and the reports of the same were received on 24.11.2014 by email to FSO. These samples were found unsafe and sub-standard as per public analysts report. FSO then logged an FIR against me on 25.11.2014 at 15.45 p.m. and Police arrested me on the same date without warrant.There - i was in police custody for 01 day and in magestrial custody for 09 days. Earlier my bail application was refused by the lower court and secondly was approved in the later court. As per FSSAI,One cannot be arrested immediately as there nexists a provision that accused can challange the second part of the sample within 30 days. So accordingly the second part were sent on 04.12.2014 to referal food lab and received on 10.12.2014 at their end. The analysis report was received on 04.02.2015. As per report,these two samples from the storage tanks were now found safe and Substandard only. So accordingly i have filed an petition in High court for FIR quash on 18.12.2014. Will my FIR get quashed...? How much time will it take for quashing...? Please advise. Regards, Vikraant()