Marriage Void

Respected Sir / Madam , I married a divorcee when my divorce matter was pending in court. I got divorce decree one month after my marriage with divorcee. Divorcee father is a lawyer and he only helped me getting my divorce and I have proof that they were knowing about my marriage. I have one 2 year daughter from divorcee . now as her father is lawyer has filed dv case and 498 and 420 against me and just now divorce petition. Both parties have accepted truth of marriage before my divorce degree in front of court. I want to stay with divorcee wife and child but my father in law only wants maintenance amount and alimony. My question is to forum is : 1. Is my marriage void 2. What case can be framed on me if marriage is void. 3. Can I get punishment under 420 / Dv / 498 4. Shall I get access to my child 5. Can my wife claim for maintenance. 6. Can I ask for cancellation of sanad of my father in law. 7. What should be my strategy. 8. What is my relation exactly with my wife as per law.