legal advice

Hello a 32yrs married woman with 7 yrs old husband is a engineer who used to work with a reputed company.he is very insensitive person and get angry on small things.he keep on criticising me for small things.but I tried to adjust as I want to save this marriage because of my little son.but the problem started 1and half year back when he left his job.during that period I got very worried as he was main earning person .but when I used to tell him to find a job hr used to get angry and argument used to start between us.still I adjusted with my small salary which I oneday he left suddenly me and my son and went to live with his mother who Stay in another he is simply staying there without any job.he even don't give any money for me and my son expenses.he don't care if we are living or have died.when I went there many times to end dis fight but he us not ready to listen.he just shut the door in front of me.i don't know how can a father forget all the responsibility of his son.i don't have enough money to maintain daily expense as I earn very less salary.he knew everything but he is least bother.he has told he don't care about my question yo you can he break dis marriage without any reason.sir am having 7yrs kid.i have to maintain this marriage...but he is behaving like irresponsible person.kindly give me some legal advice ai that he stay with us and take all our responsibility.