querry regarding divorce

I got married 3 years ago .It was love and arrange marriage but still before marriage my in laws demanded 5lakh(bank statemnts as proof) and a car with gold jwellery as gift after the distribution of cards.I m a dentist n my husband a, mbbs and soon after marriage I was sent to my home for about a month or so freqently for 5-6 times...they use to abuse my parents n relatives n fight with me regarding name changes....didnt allow me to work for almost 6 months. Even during my stay at home hone of them not even my husband use to contact me....me and my parents use to beg them as to stay in contact with us....thinggs went on the same untill one day when he turned to his worst when I asked him to stop drinkn and he broke the glass top and cut my left forearm with a glass as a threat to make me feel scared...i nehow ran out in balcony and my in laws ,neighbours and even my husband then rushed me to a bear by hospital but only on the condition when I signed the whole issue as aan accident...i got 5sutures for the same n have the mark for the same....my husband flew to Delhi to prepare for his pre-pg exams and my in laws called my parents to talk over the issue..when after his exam he returned frm Delhi my parents also came and all of them asked to take me back with a gentleman's promise ( my father-in-laws)words that they would take me back after 10 days...even after 15 ddays when no contact was made from their side my husband informed us that he has files the divorce petition . I was shocked on hearing this and after reading the petition I came to know he files divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty and declared me as a patient of compulsive disorder. I have files a complaint against my husband n in laws last year but no action was taken aginst him because of his strong political background and I returned to them as they promised NT to repeat their misbehaviour ....i have no proofs apart from the pre-marriage bank statement as after marriage they use to take cash from my parents during their trip to my hometown. Now we have files transfer of case in s.c but I fail to understand that how would I be able to punish them please help or guide me with the same