Is my marriage legal? Do I have any rights as a wife?

I am a female & an Indian. I met my husband a Dutch national on a matrimonial site 8 years back. I was a divorcee back then & he was a widower. He flew down to India & we got married as per Hindu religious rituals in the presence of family & relatives. All pictures & video recording of the occasion was done. The marriage could not be registered as my husband did not have a certificate declaring him as a widower. after one month he flew back to Netherland & later I came to know that we was living with another lady there. The lady was staying in his house. The lady picked up the phone when I called my husband at his residence. she claim to be his wife & my husband maintained that she is his maid. After this my husband never came back to India & this has been 8 years now. I am in India & would like to know if this marriage of mine with my husband is still valid. what are my rights as a wife. I am 46 today. I have not lived normal & happy life all these years. Pls help with your answer. This lady had forwarded me a lot of pictures of hers & my husband together. There are lot of pictures posted on her facebook account even after all these 8 years.